Workers' Compensation 101: Schedule Loss of Use - Chart of Benefits

Schedule of Loss of Use Chart of Benefits

Workers' Compensation 101

Schedule Loss of Use (SLU) is defined as an additional cash payment given to injured persons when their body part(s) have less ability and range of use then they had prior to the injury. How much is a body part injury worth in New York? Check out our guide.

If you've sustained a permanent injury to your body you may be eligible for a benefits covering the injury and/or monetary award, called a "Schedule Loss of Use" in New York State. The amount of the award is dependent upon the severity of the injury and your total rate of compensation. Speak with an attorney to get specifics on your injury and compensation rates. 

This Chart gives basic examples of Schedule Loss of Use (SLU). The body part is listed on the Left side while a percentage loss of use is listed on top. The numbers in the graph represent the amount of weeks you can earn benefits.

SLU Chart 2019

*The higher the percentage - The higher the severity of the injury*

  • Exact monetary amounts are determined based on the Average Weekly Wage (AWW) you earned prior to the injury.

  • Example: If you earn $1,000 a week; your max benefit is two-thirds your wage, or $666.67. If you have 100% loss of use of your arm your benefits would be 666.67 x 312 = $208,001.04. That is the max amount of benefits you're entitled to. That amount does not include medical benefits/expenses you are also entitled to as a result of the injury.

  • Exact amount of a facial scar is determined by a law judge. Facial scarring includes the neck area.

Click here if you're interested in our full SLU Chart, where we go over Facial Scars, Eyes, Ears, Arms, Legs, Hands, Fingers, Feet, and Toes.

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