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Creative Capital Inc. (CCI) is the country's most experienced structured settlement firm with nearly 30 years of developing creative settlement solutions in cases ranging from individual claims to mass tort claims. Partnering with clients, our skilled professional team provides a wide array of services to craft innovative solutions with advantages for all parties. Creative Capital is the originator of the Certificate of Reliability and Assurances (CORA), an affidavit that guarantees the integrity of the settlement process, and remains the only structured settlement firm that issues this affidavit on every case.

Professional Services

Based on the philosophy that a structured settlement firm should assist both sides in achieving an acceptable resolution, Creative Capital offers support that is complimentary to both parties. Through a wide range of professional services, we craft solutions that meet the unique requirements of each case.

Legal Services - These include negotiation support, court and conference appearances and document drafting. We draft and review settlement documents and proposed orders for compliance with tax and other legal requirements of a proper structured settlement. We also assist with the preparation of periodic judgements. Our General Counsel is always available to discuss strategy and other issues.

Damage Analysis - We assist in the evaluation of damages using both traditional lump sum and periodic judgement approaches.

Safety/Security - While competitive pricing is an important aspect in choosing a funding vehicle, we believe that security is vital, which is why we work with the top-rated annuity issuers that provide financial stability, sound underwriting, excellent servicing contracts and solid assignment capabilities. We monitor the ratings of these companies through the four major services: AM Best, Moody's, Standard & Poor's and Fitch.

Settlement Design - Since one size does not fit all, we individually design proposals to satisfy the unique requirements of each case. Working directly with plaintiffs and their families, we design settlements that make sense and meet the needs of every plaintiff. This approach helps both sides facilitate settlement.

Negotiation and Meditation - CCI offers in-person planning conferences. While we encourage the participation of our consultants in settlement conferences, our clients are in charge. Our consultants will be present to assist the parties at whatever level is required.

Computer Analysis - A cohesive series of individually tailored proposals is provided for every case. The latest software is employed to analyze life care plans, provide periodic judgement analyses, prepare future projections and compare alternative investment results.

CLE for the Bench and Bar - We provide seminars and training sessions on the "basics" as well as new developments in the structured settlement and periodic judgement fields including: Use of Structured Settlement Techniques in Settling Cases; Concept and Value of Standard Medical Underwriting and "Rated Ages"; Ethical Use of Structured Settlements and CORA; Periodic Judgement Legislation; and more.