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Hi Mr Vazirani,

March, 2017

I Appreciate The Help And Guidance Through The Process Last Week. Although The Process Was Cut And Dry, I Appreciate You Making Me Feel Secure In That, They Made A Bad Decision The First Time I Was Before That Judge, And That It Was Going To Be Rectified Now. Again, Thank You And Good Luck With Your Future Cases Although I Don't Think You'll Need It!

- X. S. 

Good Morning
Ms. Elizabeth Patricio:

September, 2016

"I'm happy to show you my appreciation because you are an angel sent from Heaven assigned to the law office because you sincerely care about the clients and you take time to explain, educate, and provide a calming view point.

During my many moments of Discouragement, you provided reassurance and the Law Firm of Joseph A Romano stood by me.Thank you very much. Have a wonderful day."

- Ralph S.

Ms. Andrea Abudayeh:

October, 2016

On April 24, 2015 my life changed literally when I was struck by a hit-and-run driver at children's Village in Dobbs Ferry,N.Y

I found myself by myself now struggling to walk uphill through a maze of Workmen's Compensation legal stuff.

During the many times I felt like simply giving up; closing the case and handling my physical pain by myself, Ms. Elizabeth Patricio would call me and have Conversation with me that always ended in "Elizabeth Patricio "Mr. Smith it's a process hang in there."

Ms. Patricio was the voice of calm through my Storm.

I appreciate meeting you today Ms. Andrea Abudayeh, and thank you for your time explaining the legal conclusion. Thank you for having Great people on your Team Like Elizabeth Patricio.Team = Together, Everyone, Achieves, More.....

My friend, Fernando G. recommended I use this firm and I am Blessed that I followed his advice. Fernando and I worked for 25 years as New York City Correction Officers.

Have a Blessed week and again, thank you, and the Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano, P.C for representing me and winning my Case.

God Bless you, & your Family.
- Ralph E. S.

Dear Jeannie,

July, 2015

"What can I say about you!
You are great, you are fantastic, you are magnificent. I am so grateful that I met you in this life. The way you helped me through this time has showed me that there are people in this world that are wonderful. You are wonderful. I am so thankful for your help. If Joseph Romano reads this card, he should be aware that you are a valuable asset to his law firm. I trust you and I thank God for all your help!"

- Robert N.


July, 2015

"Thank you for your hard work and dedication in helping me with my NYCERS pension claim."

- Kevin L.


July, 2015

"Yes, I have finally received my Social Security Benefits! Since 2012, I was home in pain with insecurity about my future and its outcome. This was the worst period of time in my life. I don't know how I would have made it through this terrible time without your help. I not only want to thank you for helping me get the social security benefit but also for the generous support of your staff.
I cannot express my gratitude in words for the help I received from Elethia and Joju Thomas. Elethia was always ready to explain situations to me with compassion and understanding. Joju handled my hearing with competence and professionalism. I was always welcomed into your office with an open door policy and was always able to speak with someone to answer any questions I had. Because of your professionalism, I will always recommend your firm to anyone I know."

Thank you,
- Pietro C.
Local 731


July, 2015

"I am writing this letter with sincere thanks and gratitude to Ms. Tomer. She has been a tremendous help to me during this process of filing for disability. During this time she has gone above and beyond her call of duty to make sure I was okay.
Ms. Tomer would follow up on my doctors' visits just to see what kind of progress I was making toward feeling better. When I was no longer on payroll and my health insurance was terminated, Ms. Tomer assisted me in applying for food stamps and Medicaid. Although I was denied both she continued to work diligently to assist me in any way she could so that I would be able to survive.
After a lengthy process, my disability was approved and I thank Ms. Tomer from the bottom of my heart. She has always been both courteous and professional at all times displaying human compassion.
It is my opinion that Ms. Katrina Tomer is a great asset to your firm and I pray that her work ethics are an example to others working with her. She's truly been a blessing to me."

- Sheron W.

TO Law Offices of Joseph A. ROMANO,

July, 2015

"I am so thankful for all your help thank you so much. Jeannie and Elethia are wonderful also and you are a Great lawyer and I will recommend you to all my friends. I will also inform Mr. Romano on how happy I am with the services I have received from you and your staff."

God bless
- Robert N.

TO Law Offices of Joseph A. ROMANO,

July, 2015

"I would like to take time and thank the team of Tatiana Lopez Barbosa and Joju Thomas and all involved in the resolution of my workers comp case. They are an outstanding team and I cannot say enough about the thorough and immensely professional way Ms. Lopez Barbosa handles and has handled this case. I appreciate the time that was put into this case because MTA is not an easy organization to deal with. Today Shawn Reidy showed as much poise and professional character and I just met him today. You should be very proud of your employees they are stellar and I will forward anyone in need of your services because your by far the best."

- Miko S.

TO Law Offices of Joseph A. ROMANO,

July, 2015

"I became permanently disabled in 2010 from NYCTA. I asked for help from the Joseph Romano law firm to help me get my life in order while being disabled. I have to say that the experience has been a blessing to me and my children. My first experience was meeting Joju Thomas. He told me that everything would be ok, let him worry and for me to take care of myself. Joju has been to me more than words can say. He understood my situation and how much I was worried about caring for my children. He got back to me, checking on how I was doing. He even took the time out from work and home to listen to me cry and let him know how hard this was for me to accept. One call in particular I was hurt and upset things were not going good at the time. I called Joju yelling crying, he listened to me and said, Sharon, let me worry while you just take it easy and take care of your health. I could not have had a better lawyer for myself. Every promise that he made he fulfilled. My children and I are forever grateful. Erica Herrera, my paralegal whom we touch basis several times a week, makes sure all other needs are met in a timely manner with all of her capabilities fully explaining things with patience. Last but not least, Joseph Romano always got back to me. With him and the help of his office, I made it through. Little does he know, on some of my worst days he would get back to me after his day in court and say something that would make me smile and ease my worries even more. Not being able to work is one of the hardest things that I have been through, and I thank Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano for helping me through."

- Sharon W.

TO Law Offices of Joseph A. ROMANO

July, 2015

"I would Also like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to you and all your firm at Romano's office for defending me these past four(4) years. You all did a fantastic job representing me thought this whole workers comp experience. I couldn't be more happier with the outcome. I would refer anyone and everyone to your firm.

Thank you all very much."

- F.D.


July, 2015

"Joe, you are truly one in a million, you are the smartest, most brilliant, quick witted attorney in the world and you have a heart of gold"

- C. V.

TO Law Offices of Joseph A. ROMANO,

July, 2015

"I would like to highly recommend Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano, and especially Attorney Joju J. Thomas! Had it not been for this amazing law firm, and caring team of attorney's, I'm certain my son's social security disability case would have been lost! Attorney Thomas had a positive attitude all the way, and I couldn't have asked for a better attorney or result! I found their phone number by clicking on a chance link on the Internet one day, and read a statement from a person who said, "If you want an attorney that REALLY cares, call Joseph A Romano @ 855-965-1515." This person was positively correct, Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano has an amazing team of attorney's, and they REALLY DO CARE! If you want a winning team, this is it!"

- L. B.


July, 2015

"Good morning Joe Romano,
I just wanted to contact you and let you know, how wonderful your staff especially Elizabeth and Patty, has been to me by follow up on my WC case by calling the insurance co. and informing me on the status.
I have been a client of your firm since the early 90′s and seeing you grow has been a blessing.
I am always referring new clients to your law firm. Just keep up the "GOOD" work."

Thank you
- C. C.

TO Law Offices of Joseph A. ROMANO,

July, 2015

"Joju Thomas won my Social Security benefits and is my Workman's Comp. attorney. He is very caring and knows the disability laws. He is always there to answer all of my questions, no matter what time day or night.
The Romano firm is excellent in all aspects from attorneys to paralegals. I am glad to have chosen them. Not only do I have an attorney, but Joju is also a friend. I highly recommend the law firm of Joe Romano"

- Philip T.


July, 2015

"I hope you are well. I visited your manhattan office and I wanted to give you feedback on my experience. I met with Kirzis Lugo to fill out the paperwork for the Social Security appeal and I must say that she was thorough, organized, knowledgeable kind and patient. She answered all my questions regarding this process. I also enjoyed speaking with Joju. He made me feel at ease because he appears to be excellent at what he does.
When I arrived at that office I was a bit down. I left smiling from ear to ear because of how funny Joju is and because of some great words Kirzis. shared with me. :) I had a wonderful experience at that office! Have a great weekend."
Best regards,

- Jannet P.


July, 2015

"Gregory Thomas, just calling to thank you, your father and brother for all the help. I will always refer people to you and your family. I am blessed to have met you and your family. I will always bring you clients."


July, 2015

"Hope you will enjoy this little something from me to you, for lots of help. Sorry for the outbursts at times! It's just that I'm in much discomfort and much pain most of the time. But I greatly appreciate your help always. Enjoy, hope it is one of your favorites!"

- Taymi F.

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