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Good Morning,

I wanted to Thank you again for all your Help.

I also wanted to compliment the lawyer that Romano assigned to my case.

His pre hearing preparation was definitely key in my winning verdict.

We spent a good amount of time discussing exactly how I should respond to the Judges questions which definitely insured that I wouldn't say anything detrimental to my case.

I will highly recommend Shailen and of course Romano to any of my acquaintances needing SSD representation.

Thank you Rose.

- J.U.

5 Stars,

I was a client of Joseph Romano and still am, people want them to wave a magic wand and win he case and get you the money,But it take time and lots of paper work ,and word of advice try to keep all paper work together ask your doctor for it,everything has to be in writing ,the judge don't wantto hear anything by word of mouth.But Romano does have the right people to help you ,they got me my comp,and my desablity, took time, but they got it. If you dont like the legal aid they gave you ask for a different one, simple, not everybody is an Ace.

- E. T.


Thank You,

I want to thank Melony for her GREAT service. She was so patient and helpful when it wasn't her job to do so as she wasn't assigned to my case. This office runs by departments and many, many times when the person wouldn't return my calls Melony was the one I called for answers and guidance because she seemed the most willing to make herself available to me. Its been a long one yr hard and truthful Melony has helped to make the process as smooth as possible for me. Ty Melony!! 

- E.O.


To Mr. Shailendra, I would like to thank you for your outstanding representation on behalf of my Social Security Disability Case. If it were'nt for you, your coaching and your expertise i wouldnt have been able to sucessfully answered the questions rendered to me and perhaps wouldnt have gotten a favorable decision. I would truly recommend you to anyone with Social Security disability cases. Once again i thank you for your awesome representation.

- Respectfully, C. I.

Thank You,

I am writing to thank you for all your assistance with my S.S. hearing today. You were very professional and courteous you were also very patient with all the questions I asked. I was very nervous and you had a calming affect. After the hearing I felt confident that the judge will rule in my favor. I cant thank you enough for your help with my case

- Thank You, T. D.

Great Professional Staff,

Ms. Katrina professional and attentive to all my questions answered the reason why I will refer customers to this firm. Ms. Katrina is a true pro thank u for your utmost attention, and respect.

- T


Buenas le agradezco por laborista espero qe todo lo aga corto como debe ser cuáqueros cosa aga desacertado.

- H. V.

Dear Shailen,

You are an excellent [advocate], i was very relieved to have you at my back. And i hope all works out as fast as possible...

To the paralegals i thank you for your due diligent work and many services. You are fantastic! 

I personally thank everyone involved in assembling my case and paperwork and in general thank you to the offices of Joseph A. Romano!!!


- Roy J. B.

Hi Mr Vazirani,

    I appreciate the help and guidance through the process last week. Although the process was cut and dry, I appreciate you making me feel secure in that, they made a bad decision the first time I was before that judge, and that it was going to be rectified now. Again, thank you and good luck with your future cases although I don't think you'll need it!

- X. S. (March 2017)

Ms. Andrea Abudayeh:

October, 2016

On April 24, 2015 my life changed literally when I was struck by a hit-and-run driver at children's Village in Dobbs Ferry,N.Y

I found myself by myself now struggling to walk uphill through a maze of Workmen's Compensation legal stuff.

During the many times I felt like simply giving up; closing the case and handling my physical pain by myself, Ms. Elizabeth Patricio would call me and have Conversation with me that always ended in "Elizabeth Patricio "Mr. Smith it's a process hang in there."

Ms. Patricio was the voice of calm through my Storm.

I appreciate meeting you today Ms. Andrea Abudayeh, and thank you for your time explaining the legal conclusion. Thank you for having Great people on your Team Like Elizabeth Patricio.Team = Together, Everyone, Achieves, More.....

My friend, Fernando G. recommended I use this firm and I am Blessed that I followed his advice. Fernando and I worked for 25 years as New York City Correction Officers.

Have a Blessed week and again, thank you, and the Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano, P.C for representing me and winning my Case.

God Bless you, & your Family.
- Ralph E. S.

Good Morning
Ms. Elizabeth Patricio:

September 15, 2016

"I'm happy to show you my appreciation because you are an angel sent from Heaven assigned to the law office because you sincerely care about the clients and you take time to explain, educate, and provide a calming view point.

During my many moments of Discouragement, you provided reassurance and the Law Firm of Joseph A Romano stood by me.Thank you very much. Have a wonderful day."

- Ralph S.