I have been represented by The Law Offices of Joseph A Romano for the past 4 years now. I have a work related injury and needed advice on my Workers Compensation case. I’m relatively young and had a lot of questions regarding all aspects of the case. I have to say that my calls were always returned in a very timely manner and my questions answered thoroughly. I never felt that I was bothering anyone and was always treated with respect. I have to mention Yahira Guzman because without her I would not have gotten legal counsel. Thank you Yahira. In addition I have to thank Kenneth Milanes for staying on top of my case and making sure I was kept informed and updated with how things were progressing. Thank you to the team members that were always with me at my compensation hearings making sure I was fairly treated. Life has not been easy these past 4 years, but having a legal team such as this on my side, fighting for me, has made things a bit more bearable. I would highly recommend the law offices of Joeseph A Romano to anyone who is in need of legal representation.

- Ryan D.

Thank You,

Attorney Shailendra Vazirani was extremely helpful and made me feel very confident going into my hearing. He made me feel very comfortable and allowed me to voice my questions and concerns.

- Antonio A.

To whom it may concern,

I have been assisted by the law offices of Joseph A. Romano, P.C. for a disability Case. My paralegal on the case Katherine Silverio has been the best. She takes the time and care for you. She has demonstrated excellent skills for helping to alleviate all fears and concerns I have had, She truly has the passion for this work.

In addition, I must Say the entire staff @ this Law Office that I have encountered has been the Very Best.

- Tracy W.


I'm pleased to say thanks you all but specially to Tawana for all of her help with my case,She is a wonderful person who help me so much,Thank you once again Tawana

- Peter M.

Good Afternoon Ms. Patty,

I want to give compliment to the entire staff of your law office. Please give special thanks to Jeannie Garris. Also to your front reception area. They are so helpful. Natalie and Bernice are really kind and helpful. Please give them a special thank you. They deserve to be recognized as valuable employees. Ms. Jeannie Harris is fantastic. In the compensation dept I have to say ken and Genova Fernandez have been the best help. I must mention Aidee even though she doesn't work there anymore. Everyone in your office is excellent in proffesialism kindness and extremely informative. I am so grateful to have you all in my corner. Thank you so much for being a fantastic manager and making the best team ever. Please note that I will be sending u and Mr. Romano a letter to thank you all. I am Blessed to know I am protected by Joseph Romano and his magnificent staff. 

God Bless!

- Robert N.


 I want to take a monument to thank each of you for a job well done. Shailen, you should be proud of your knowledge of the legal system and your professionalism. Erick, that Saturday that you put in uploading my file was much appreciated. You are both a credit to the Joseph A. Romano Legal Services Agency. Please feel free to use me as a reference and feel free to forward this email to Mr. Romano.

 Thanks again to both of you…

- Joseph. D

To The Law Office,

I have been with the Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano for nearly five years, and they have handled all aspects of my worker's compensation and social security disability case with great professionalism and courtesy.  From Mr. Joe Romano himself to his exceedingly capable staff (including, most recently, Jasmine Day from the worker's compensation department), everyone approached my case with a personal touch and sense of compassion that i have not found in other law firms.

My requests and questions were always addressed promptly and with empathy by knowledgeable, diligent staff members and attorneys with invaluable experience in their respective fields.  During a time when tension ran high and the anxiety of a work-related health condition could have seriously become worse, the Romano Law Firm insured that my worries were lessened and my needs were met.  I cannot over emphasize the value of the peace of mind I was afforded, and I remain thankful that I had a group of professionals who truly fought on my behalf. Without reservation, I would enthusiastically recommend the Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano to family and friends.

Sincerely - Stephen M. Gallo

Dear Mr.  Romano,

This letter is written as an accommodation for Mr. Shailen Vazirani, Mr. Vazirani represented me in my quest to obtain Social Security disability. I have been with your firm for about the last 2 years as different lawyers battled the Social Security Administration on my behalf while on my end and at the same time I st ru ggled to make ends meet and care for my family because of my inability to work due to my poor health. However, when Mr. Vazirani took over my case his diligence and professionalism was first rat e.

Thankfully, as a result of his pressing spirit I as you know was recently awarded my social security disability and I am extremely  thankful.

Mr. Romano, the journey to obtain this benefit was not only important to me but my family as well, hence Mr. Vaziani's leadership on my case was greatly appreciat ed. I wish Mr. Vazirani and your firm continued success.

- Michael J.

To whom it may concern,

I am very pleased so far with Mr. Vazirani and his hard work. My favorable decision is a result from it. He is very professional, motivated and well organized. He explains things in a way I can understand and I appreciate all that he has done. I would definitely recommend him others in the future.

 - Thomas C. 

July 26th, 2017

The law offices of Joseph A Romano P.C. was a very enlightening experience, the staff members were all extremely professional in handling my wellbeing everything was taken care of in a timely manner I look forward to working with this firm in the future.

- D.C.

July 25th, 2017

Joju and Cassandra both get 5 stars and I don't just give 5 stars to just anyone, only the best. Case got moving once Cassandra became assigned paralegal and the attorney became joju. I  don't know why it was denied in the first place, maybe it was that social security reviewed the case wrong, or they focused on the wrong injuries but the second time around wwas a lot better. I am completely satisfied and would recommend the law firm in the future."

- J. P.


I am very happy with the results and how they been very responsive and took care of my case very well. Hoping in the future I will stay with this law firm. They always contacted me and very prepared for the hearings. Joju Thomas is very caring and very nice. Felt like I knew him. Cassandra was amazing, always returned my calls and very very very very happy with that. And glad what they are doing for me now and continuing to do

- B. V. 

July 25th 2017,

As far as the services I received, Shailen did a great job at the hearing and getting my case approved. Your law firm comes highly recommended and I will recommend it to anyone I can in the future. I appreicate your services and didnt have to worry because Cassandra always responded promptly and explained process. I appreciate what both Shailen and Cassandra did for me. They both did an excellent job on my case and I will recommend your office in the future

- K.L.


I want to thank the Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano for assisting me with my Workers Compensation, and Social Security claims. Joju Thomas was very professional and courteous as well as Cassandra McNamee, and Angela Pelaez. I want to especially thank Mr. Romano for assigning me with the right people to represent me, otherwise it would have been overwhelming to cope with a difficult time.

- T.O.

Hey Joju,

Rosilo... and Tyla have been great !!

- David K.


What can I say there is no words to said about Bernard Hann just he the greatest

- Sabrina W.


Joseph A. Romano is the best attorney in the world! One-in a-million with a heart of GOLD! I KNOW MR. ROMANO FOR 15 YEARS AND HE IS ALWAYS THE SAME. HE GETS BETTER AND BETTER AND BETTER AS THE YEARS GO ON.

IF YOU WANT THE BEST FORGET THE REST. CALL JOSEPH A. Romano. You will be so satisfied for life. HE TRULY IS A KEEPER!

- Christine V.

Good Morning,

I wanted to Thank you again for all your Help.

I also wanted to compliment the lawyer that Romano assigned to my case.

His pre hearing preparation was definitely key in my winning verdict.

We spent a good amount of time discussing exactly how I should respond to the Judges questions which definitely insured that I wouldn't say anything detrimental to my case.

I will highly recommend Shailen and of course Romano to any of my acquaintances needing SSD representation.

Thank you Rose.

- J.U.

5 Stars,

I was a client of Joseph Romano and still am, people want them to wave a magic wand and win he case and get you the money,But it take time and lots of paper work ,and word of advice try to keep all paper work together ask your doctor for it,everything has to be in writing ,the judge don't wantto hear anything by word of mouth.But Romano does have the right people to help you ,they got me my comp,and my desablity, took time, but they got it. If you dont like the legal aid they gave you ask for a different one, simple, not everybody is an Ace.

- E. T.


Thank You,

I want to thank Melony for her GREAT service. She was so patient and helpful when it wasn't her job to do so as she wasn't assigned to my case. This office runs by departments and many, many times when the person wouldn't return my calls Melony was the one I called for answers and guidance because she seemed the most willing to make herself available to me. Its been a long one yr hard and truthful Melony has helped to make the process as smooth as possible for me. Ty Melony!! 

- E.O.


To Mr. Shailendra, I would like to thank you for your outstanding representation on behalf of my Social Security Disability Case. If it were'nt for you, your coaching and your expertise i wouldnt have been able to sucessfully answered the questions rendered to me and perhaps wouldnt have gotten a favorable decision. I would truly recommend you to anyone with Social Security disability cases. Once again i thank you for your awesome representation.

- Respectfully, C. I.

Thank You,

I am writing to thank you for all your assistance with my S.S. hearing today. You were very professional and courteous you were also very patient with all the questions I asked. I was very nervous and you had a calming affect. After the hearing I felt confident that the judge will rule in my favor. I cant thank you enough for your help with my case

- Thank You, T. D.

Great Professional Staff,

Ms. Katrina professional and attentive to all my questions answered the reason why I will refer customers to this firm. Ms. Katrina is a true pro thank u for your utmost attention, and respect.

- T


Buenas le agradezco por laborista espero qe todo lo aga corto como debe ser cuáqueros cosa aga desacertado.

- H. V.

Dear Shailen,

You are an excellent [advocate], i was very relieved to have you at my back. And i hope all works out as fast as possible...

To the paralegals i thank you for your due diligent work and many services. You are fantastic! 

I personally thank everyone involved in assembling my case and paperwork and in general thank you to the offices of Joseph A. Romano!!!


- Roy J. B.