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Many people do not realize the extent of the governmental benefits they are eligible for. As a trusted legal resource in the Bronx and throughout New York, it is our goal to provide the experienced legal guidance that ill or disabled individuals might need. Whether you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits or you were denied in your initial application, schedule a free consultation with a lawyer at our firm today.

At Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano, P.C., our Social Security Disability attorneys are ready to help injured clients. It is our goal to expedite your claim to the greatest degree possible. In addition, we will pay expenditures to develop comprehensive medical records that present our clients' cases in the best light possible. We are fully prepared to spend money up front and allow our clients to reimburse us from the money they are paid.

What Is Social Security Disability?

If you are ill or disabled, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits prior to full retirement age. To qualify, you need earnings for five out of the 10 years prior to becoming disabled unless you are younger than 31 years of age. You must be out of work or expect to be out of work for at least five consecutive months; however, an application for benefits can be filed immediately after stopping work.

Your disability can be work-related or nonwork-related, or a combination of work injuries and other conditions. Disability can be based upon either physical or emotional impairments, or a combination of the two. All injuries, illnesses, conditions, diseases and impairments are viewed in conjunction when determining eligibility for Social Security Disability.

It is wise to seek the counsel of an attorney before filing your SSD claim. We can guide you through the process and ensure that all document requirements and deadlines are met.

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