Nationwide Subrogation

The Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano, P.C. is a national subrogation firm providing complete subrogation and recovery services throughout the United States for Unions, insurers, self-insurers, TPA’s, independent adjustment companies, and Businesses. Our staff is here to maximize each client’s monetary results with our proficient and assertive processes.

We pride ourselves on developing a trusting working relationships with our clients. We tailor each subrogation program to specific client’s needs.  All our staff is in-house including attorneys and investigators, thereby limiting outsourcing cost. We work predominantly on a contingent fee basis, however, we will work with any budget on an hourly fee arrangement if necessary.

We are available from the onset of a loss or claim to preserve evidence, gather critical information and passionately protect subrogation rights as well as limiting spoliation. We pride ourselves on organizing and coordinating a comprehensive investigation at a moment’s notice.

As part of our premier service, we will go onsite to interview witnesses, and obtain critical evidence necessary for a successful recovery. When authorized and if necessary, we will retain well-known experts in the business to establish a credible analysis of the loss.

The Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano, P.C. realize the importance of the most critical processes to verify success in recovery. Most importantly, early and efficient negotiation in the recovery process will limit the need for litigation. We have found that emphasizing the need for client support has been directly proportional to meeting client’s expectations and achieving only the best results to maximize recoveries. Thereby, substantially reducing time and cost which means more to the bottom line.

Subrogation Services provided:

  • Medical
  • No fault/PIP
  • Home owners
  • Commercial property
  • Auto including arbitration
  • Workers’ Compensation including MSA’s, and attending mediations
  • Liens including Workers’ Compensation, Medicare, and ERISA
  • Complete consulting services including File reviews and audits, webinars, and Seminars