What is Silica and Which Industry has Workers Going Back to School?

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The Answer My Friend is Blowin’ in the Wind… Silica is Blowin’ in The wind.

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In efforts to prevent occupational silicosis, OSHA offers new Standards of Workplace Safety.

Guidance and Outreach Programs are offered to educate the employers of, as well as the construction workers in vast industrial trades, such as masonry, iron workers and others who are routinely exposed to silica dust in the workplace.

Attendance in classroom instruction will result in academic accreditation by OSHA. So who’s is ready to go back to school?

As previously covered in in this series, respirable crystalline silica has been identified as a mineral dust byproduct caused by industrial engineering tasks that typically involve the operation of power tools to crush and grind hard natural materials. Occupational silicosis as a pulmonary disease that strikes workers who inhale silica dust on work sites. The regulatory agency for The United States Department of Labor entrusted The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, with the task of establishing official standards of safety guidelines to improve work conditions.

OSHA conducted a lengthy investigation discerning the various labor related causes and harmful effects of silica dust, also known as respirable crystalline, on the health of construction workers. As a result of the findings, OSHA recommended that new adaptive methods be implemented to control the amount of silica dust  The Standards of Safety, once fully in effect, promise to halt the epidemic plague of occupational silicosis.   


Read Below for a partial course description courtesy of OSHA:

OSHA Guidance and Outreach Training Program Overview

"The purpose of the OSHA Outreach Training Program is to teach workers about their rights, employer responsibilities, and how to file a complaint as well as how to recognize, abate and prevent job-related hazards. OSHA authorizes safety and health professionals who complete an OSHA Outreach Training Program trainer course to conduct occupational safety and health classes for workers.

After training is completed, trainers document the training to their Authorizing Training Organization (ATO) (see Section IV.A.), and receive student course completion cards to distribute to the workers whom they have trained. The OSHA Outreach Training Program is voluntary. OSHA Outreach Training Program training does not meet the training requirements contained in any OSHA standard."

TIMES UP - JUNE 23, 2018 is the deadline for OSHA Guidelines Standards of Safety proposed by OSHA last year and up until now have been unenforceable by law, to carry stiff fines and penalties for employers, if they are found to be utilizing old unsafe methods no longer in compliance.

Every dust cloud has a silver lining...


for workers who have been exposed to silica

Workers who have been exposed to silica dust and are experiencing signs of silicosis are entitled to Workers’ Compensation. Now more than ever it is important to choose the right Law Firm that will bring your case forward with the best results possible.

Have you been exposed to silica dust in your workplace? Are you experiencing symptoms commonly associated with silicosis? If you answered yes to both questions, seek medical attention. You may have a Workers’ Compensation Case. Please allow us to assist you. Call us today. Toll Free: 855.965.1515


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