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The Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano, P.C. on Tuesday, July 24, 2018.

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1911 - The Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire: It claimed the lives of 146 Ladies Garment Workers. National Newspapers published pictures of charred bodies piled in the streets of Lower Manhattan. The public outcry that followed was the Wake-Up Call that sparked a National Labor Movement.

1894-1924 - Samuel Gompers: History credits the first President of the American Federation of Labor as the Founding Father of The Department of Labor. Gompers pushed an agenda of Union Solidarity, affecting Progressive Labor Laws. Against all odds, he helped women and minority workers gain equal rights. He fought for schools to be built, to make education free to the public and to end child labor.

Many life-improving benefits for workers today are due to the resolve of those who suffered in the past. However, a recent Supreme Court Ruling has tempers flared.

2018 - Janus v American Federation of State County Municipal Employees: The SCOTUS First Amendment ruling has reversed a forty year precedent regarding mandatory “Fair Share” Fees within the Public Sector Unions.  

Essentially, non-union workers may now enjoy a free entitlement to enhanced workplace benefits brought about by unions, while their union member co-workers pay more in agency dues to make up for the slack.

As workers draw sides against each other, sharp questions are being raised.

“So why should we continue to pay so-called Fair Share Fees to our established workplace union,” some non-members propose.

Full-fledged union members argue right back, “So why should we pay more union dues to help those deadbeat non-union workers who will still get to enjoy all of the union benefits, without paying any fair share?”

We at the Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano, P.C. support ALL workers, unionized or not, private or public sector alike. We see division as the polar opposite of unity. 

Workers must not let division destroy all of the good works of the past.

Our Founding Attorney, Joseph A. Romano Esq. speaks out with a passion unmatched in legal circles. “Any move to de-fund unions and divide good workers is a ploy to weaken all workers’ protections in the workplace.”

Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano P.C. is proud to honor and serve the Greater New York Community of Workers

In our Workers’ Compensation segment of clients, we are seeing an increasing amount of workers getting harmed at work and in need of a strong legal advocate.

This post concludes our July series on Union History contrasting with current labor events. It is an honor to bring you this information. Please feel free to share on your own Social Media. If you would like the Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano, P.C. to come speak more on Janus v. afscme at your next meeting, please contact us below. 


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