John Feal Shares 9/11 Feelings

The Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano, P.C. on Friday, June 29, 2018.

Research for this 9/11 series began with a phone call to “Responders Remembered Park” in Nesconset, New York.

Feal may be a big fan of The Rolling Stones, but rest assured like the rest of us, he has no Sympathy for the Devil. John has managed to bring good out of evil through his Foundation, FEALGOOD.  Besides rallying for political change, and building a memorial wall to commemorate the deceased, Feal also infamously coined the name for post 9/11 related cancer, ‘the Devils own, 9/11 toxic demon’.

                                                Press Play for Music:

Sympathy For The Devil — written by Mick Jagger & Keith Richards   

“The saddest task for me is when I must add another name to the memorial wall,” Feal revealed during a telephone interview with an editorial staffer of Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano,PC.

John Feal was an early responder at Ground Zero from the 12th to 17th of September – when 3,000 pounds of steel crushed his left foot. Despite undergoing multiple surgeries, having a kidney removed and donated to a fellow 9/11 responder and suffering PTSD, he has managed to tirelessly lobby Washington, to the effect of creating new legislation to include 911 Latent/Injury, 9/11 Latent/Illness Victims Compensation Fund extensions for ailing 9/11 first responders.

As a direct result of John Feal’s efforts for Responders, others have also benefitted. Those who volunteered in the early days following the attacks, NYC Survivors & NYC Participants are also entitled to register with the Workers’ Compensation Board of New York State.

(to see all Post and learn more about 9/11 click here.)

 “Since, I am usually the communications liaison between the deceased family and the 9/11 Law Firm handling the victim’s death claim.” Feal further explained to Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano, PC, “I have learned that is always good to have a supportive legal team fighting for the same good cause.”

“Thanks for those kind words John, be assured that our founder Joseph A. Romano Esq. as well as all of us here at Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano PC are proud to call you as a friend. We look forward to supporting you in your efforts to bring awareness to the 9/11 toxic demon afflicting so many who gave of themselves during the post 9/11 toxic aftermath.”

Reminder: The Statute of Limitations for Registration is Running out Soon! 

Act fast to get started or miss out. Here is what you need to do:

Gather information. If you were nearby to Ground Zero during the year following the attacks you must be able to prove it. If you were volunteering or getting paid to work in the area, get documentation. If you lived nearby, or attended school, obtain valid documents to affirm your physical presence.

With this information successfully registered before September 11, 2018,you will then have until 2020 to actually file a Post 9/11 Latent Illness/Injury claim. Allow us to assist you today.



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