Did You LIVE And BREATHE Near Ground Zero During The Aftermath Of 9/11?                 NYC Survivor (Part-2)

The Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano, P.C. on Friday, June 1, 2018.

                                                Press Play for Music:

*Adapted from lyrics written by Billy Joel and performed live in concert on September 21st 2001:                       “Tribute to Heroes” to benefit the victims’ of 9/11



“It comes down to reality

and it’s fine with me

‘cause they let it slide.

Don’t care if it’s Chinatown

or the Wall Street side.


like so many who shared that time…

you’re a NYC Survivor

in a New York State of Mind.” 






The 9/11 VICTIMS’ COMPENSATION FUND has paid billions to First Responders, Firefighters and others has now extended eligibility to include “NYC SURVIVORS” & “NYC RESPONDERS”.

The total amount awarded to date as of May, 2018 is $3,649,046,905.4

                       Are You a NYC Survivor or a NYC Responder?   

(See map and partial lists below both courtesy of  VCF of NYC)


NYC Survivor Includes:

  • A person who worked, lived, or attended school, child care, or adult day care in the area near Ground Zero for at least 4 days during the 4-month period beginning September 11, 2001, and ending on Jan. 10, 2002, or at least 30 days during the 11 months beginning September 11, 2001 and ending on July 31, 2002;

(For a more detailed list of NYC Survivor Eligibility Requirements refer to Part 1 of this bLAWg series posted on Tuesday May 29th, 2018)  

NYC Responder Includes:

  • An individual, including current and former Federal employees, who worked or volunteered onsite in rescue, recovery, demolition, debris cleanup or related support services in lower Manhattan (south of Canal St.), the Staten Island Landfill, or the barge loading piers

Are you a NYC Responder?

Did your occupation involve paid or volunteer time spent at the site of  Ground Zero during the aftermath of 9/11?

Are you a NYC Survivor?

Did you spend a significant amount of time in the NYC area of lower Manhattan during the time frame following September 11, 2001-July 31, 2002?

If you answered yes to either question and have experienced serious health issues, you may have a right to medical treatment and a monetary award, provided for latent illness caused by the environmental hazards of 9/11.

Your right to claim a monetary award for you or family from 9/11 Victims’ Compensation Fund depends on The NY Statue of Limitations. Determinations are based on the timing and knowledge of causation to your particular case. Every individual is different, and there are steps that must be followed in order to determine if your case is viable.

You must register now to stop the clock from ticking

against your right to file a claim later.  


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