9/11 Aftermath Every 2.7 Days Feal Did The Math

The Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano, P.C. on Friday, July 27, 2018.


     Were You in Lower Manhattan Post 9/11?


                                                          Did You Inhale?




                                                  Photo taken on September 15, 2001. AP Photo/Dan Loh


                                                Press Play for Music:

Imagine- Words and Music by JOHN LENNON      

Imagine there’s no 9/11 aftermath, no latent 911/Injury or 9/11 Illness.

It’s easy if you try. Except for those of us who have done the 9/11 aftermath math, like Mr. John Feal and our founding Attorney, Joseph A. Romano, Esq.

 9/11 Latent Injury/Illness is a growing epidemic. Our blog series in June brought useful information regarding 9/11 Latent Injury/Illness, and introduced our good friend, Mr. John Feal.

Through his FealGOOD Foundation, Feal has brought about much positive awareness and has even prevailed as a crusader in Washington DC to get Congressional Acts to further extends funds for 9/11 Responder heroes of a different kind than those lost back in 2001. The ones who became stricken with cancer long after their service had completed. Now they are sick. Some have died. More surely will.

Imagine, that seventeen years ago during the aftermath following the attacks on The World Trade Center, thousands of people physically living, working and breathing in neighborhoods nearby to Ground Zero were exposed to cancer causing toxic chemicals….and now they are sick.

We want to help.

Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano, P.C. called our good friend, John Feal last night to ask him if his FealGOOD Foundation had any good news. We asked for good news of his congressional lobbying of Washington on behalf of extending funds for 9/11 Latent Injury/ Illness Victims, or news of upcoming events. Good News?

Unfortunately, John was not his usual optimistic self; he politely explained that he had the worst week yet.

“Tell Joe, I wish I were imagining” His words barely above a whisper, reflecting his heartbreak “But I’ve done the math.” 

He went on to describe this past week of lives lost during our phone interview last night.  “Every two point seven days, another name is added to the wall.”

You may visit the wall of names at 9/11 Responders Remembered Memorial Park in Nesconset, New York.

Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano, P.C. is a full service law firm with a steadily growing concern in Workers’ Compensation, National Social Security Disability and 9/11 Latent Injury/Illness Claims. While most people are familiar with those first two areas of law, many are still vastly unaware of latter.

 Please Share This Information On Your Own Social Media, You May Be Helping Someone. We offer the following summation to highlight for you key points of preparation of filing a 9/11 claim:

The Victims Compensation Fund

 You must register your mere presence, your volunteer or occupational participation in the toxic waste clean-up of Ground Zero during the post 9/11 aftermath

  • We are standing by to assist you in protecting your future rights for filing a 9/11 claim
  • We will start you off by registering your presence in Lower Manhattan during the 12 months also known as the aftermath of 9/11
  • The New York State Workers’ Compensation Board is accepting registration forms now even if you are well.


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