Let Us Help You After A Serious Accident

Seek a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Even a seemingly minor accident can lead to thousands of dollars in medical bills and a significant time spent away from work. While you are fighting to stabilize your financial future, let us examine your case and educate you on your legal options for monetary recovery.

At Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano, P.C., our attorneys are experienced at helping accident victims recover the money damages they deserve in addition to the benefits that may also be available through such programs as workers' compensation or Social Security. Through a thorough evaluation of your situation, we can provide the guidance you need and representation designed to maximize your recovery.

We handle all types of personal injury cases, including construction and other work site accidents, premises accidents, automobile accidents, products liability actions and medical malpractice. Our attorneys have a well-deserved reputation for fighting hard for the rights of accident victims and their families.

We're Here To Get You Back On Track

After a devastating accident, it can be difficult to pull your life, family and career back together and move forward. You may have lingering medical bills or ongoing physical therapy, and you may experience trauma, anxiety, or flashbacks as a result of the shock you experienced. In these circumstances, it can be difficult to contemplate legal action.

Injured New Yorkers rely on our familiarity with the system. Our lawyers take a rounded approach to all personal injury cases. We can explain the legal process, and discuss options about how to stay financially secure.

At Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano, P.C., our injury attorneys understand these constraints on your energy and try to make the process as straightforward as possible. In the Bronx or throughout New York, call or email to schedule a free consultation today.